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Welcome to Complete Auto Wash and Wax’s Customer Lobby. Many of our affiliates offer special discounts for Complete Auto Wash and Wax customers. Your discount code when required is (car wash). Go ahead and shop until you drop.

odor-sachets-basketOdors Be Gone! I Guarantee It!

Complete Auto Wash And Wax INTRODUCES: Odor eliminator sachets. These wonderful sachets are not your old run of the meal deodorizers that attempts to cover the odor. The odor eliminator sachets attacks the odor, kills the germs and then releases a magnificent aroma. Odors Be Gone! I Guarantee It!

Aroma variety pack
Free Shipping

Each sachet is printed on recyclable paper and contains earth-friendly fragrance oils and biodegradable ingredients made in the U.S.A. They contain @ 170 beads that you can just shake and renew the aroma for over 6 months. Although the odor eliminator sachets were made to control pet odors, they are also great for your car, bedrooms and much more.

With each Interior detail at the car wash I suggest that our customers select one of over 55 unique aromas, Fruity, Floral, Fresh, Citrus and Gourmand.

The odor eliminators cost only $5.00 each, with FREE SHIPPING they make great stocking stuffers. Stop odors in their tracks with odor eliminator sachets. Odors Be Gone! I Guarantee It! To order call 314-621-5711

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